Tuesday, 23 September 2014

UK Monowheel Riders Break the World Speed Record

"Tom 'The Atom' Anable held The Monowheel topspeed record for 1 day."

With a top speed of 60.1mph set on 18th of August 2013 at Elvington Airfield York. 
Set on his 'Anables Atom' 200cc powered petrol driven monowheel.

The previous record holder was Kerry Mclean of the USA with a topspeed of 57mph in 2001 

Kevin Scott of the UK monowheel team beat Toms record the following day with a speed of 65.0mph, riding the 200cc warhorse monowheel

Tom had a another run of 62.8mph in anger...

Congratulations to the UK monowheel team!

The battle for WORLDS FASTEST MONOWHEEL continues!!!

Above: Atom Anable after his topspeed was beaten

Above: Runway 26 Elvington Airfield York and the World Wheelie Competition 2014

Above: World Record Holder Kevin Scott Riding the UK Monowheel Teams Warhorse 

Above: Tom Anable making adjustments

Above: Atom Anable waiting in the pits

Above: Tom Anable Monowheel Topspeed Record Holder with 60.1mph

Above: Straightliners Trevor Duckworth Briefing the troops