Monday, 16 December 2013

Santa's Monowheel.... Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

It might only be the 16th but using the new delivery vehicle the man has to set off this week, some presents could also be damaged, he asked me to tell you all.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

UK Monowheel Team Update

I've been very quiet here lately. Have no fear, we're not loosing interest! (quite the opposite). All my time's been spent refining design details for a new combined effort by UK Monowheel Team that we've christened - WarHorse. It's an evolution of the Silver one with all the lessons learnt about drive & handling - based on our own experiences & others within the association (especially al the success demonstrated by Tom). Gonna be posh (with a lot less weight & much lower parts count). Main frame will be twin carbon fibre plates with hard-points moulded in for the attachments. Just about sorted all the major decisions & about to start a mock-up to check size & comfort (before committing  )

Check them out here and give them a LIKE to keep updated!