Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Tom Anable A.T Monowheels... Bang to Rights photos Yorkshire Autodrome 20/10/13

The bike was sick running with a lean misfire and i was sick with man flu from my gran haha but the show must go on...

Felt like the engine was going to stall at 30mph then at 35mph i was getting bursts of acceleration that were trying to throw me over the back.

Scary moment when my left foot peg got pinned to the ground by my boot buckle when i shut off at 45mph and it held the wheel tilted over at a 20 degree angle so i had to tilt out the opposite way till i figured out what happened.

rest of the days pics here...

Waiting for the Dragstrip

Riding through the pits

Drag Launch GO GO GO!!!

Thumbs up for the camera

Lining up to start

Sunday, 3 November 2013

UK Monowheel Team Now have Facebook Fan Page

UK Monowheel Team Now have Facebook Fan Page, check them out here and give them a 'like' to keep updated...