Tuesday, 22 October 2013

British Monowheel Association Meeting Elvington Airfield 21/10/2013

Was wet wet wet too wet to run past 35mph although we did see a lawnmower go past at around 90mph!!!
Tom Anable and Nick Zglobis of A.T Monowheels had a  good play about tho with the uk monowheel team thanks to straightliners hopefully everyones back there on the 11th of November for another day!

Anables Atom current UK topspeed holding monowheel

Was wet wet wet all day long as Tim Mann brings in the cones

Top speeds for the two days of riding for the A.T Monowheels team

Nick Zglobis looking for the fuel breather

Nick Zyglobis 33.6mph in the wet

UK Monowheel Team at work

UK Monowheel Team left to right
Kevin Scott, Peter Orton, Peter Kay and Tim Mann

Both machines struggling with drive in the wet 

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